I want Georgia to be #1 for Quality of Life. That requires good jobs, good health care, fair taxes and human dignity— all supported by effective government.

Good Jobs


The best social program is a good-paying job. 


Georgia is Number One for business but tied for the lowest minimum wage in the nation— barely $5/hr. About 4% of Georgians work at or below the federal minimum wage, and can’t afford a decent life, or to plan and save for a good future. For instance, restaurant workers can be paid barely $2/hr—exploitation of the most naked kind— on the fiction that unreliable tips will make up the difference. This reeks havoc on low-income children—then our entire state suffers.


If Georgia is to remain Number One for business, it can not be sustained via suppressed wages or exploitation. Higher net income, including lower taxes, improve health outcomes, generate economic activity, and improve quality of life. 


I will legislate a sustainable path to an appropriate livable wage. And I will champion paths to expanding Georgia’s vibrant middle class, which includes support for small businesses and rural development.

Protect Veterans


As a Veteran myself, I understand the sacrifices we’ve asked of so many Veterans, some of whom now live in poverty and some who have recently had their food stamps cut. Because America owes Veterans our very freedom, Georgia must give them the utmost care and support. I will legislate to reduce taxes for Veterans on a progressive scale, and eliminate taxes for low-income or disabled Veterans. In addition, I will push legislation to protect their benefits, including food stamps, and assist in their housing, physical and mental health care.

Universal Health Care


My goal is to prevent unnecessary medical suffering and early death. I want all children to receive the health care they need to thrive. And I want that for every American— as it is for citizens of every modern country on the planet.


There are two parts to providing affordable universal health care: 1) company-provided full-coverage health care for its workforce, and 2) full-coverage health care plans for independent contractors, children, the disabled, and the unemployed, via some combination of Medicaid, expanded Affordable Care Act (ACA), and Medicare for All.


I will champion legislative action to set a near-term goal of 100% health coverage using the many success stories from across the nation and around the world.

Fair Taxes


Georgians are willing to pay taxes for services, but they want fairness.


Not so long ago, when Georgia was suffering from a poor economy, the government told Georgians that they needed to “tighten their belts.” The state cut services and people suffered. Now in 2020, Georgia has a large budget surplus, and what does the government say: “there’s a downturn coming soon, so we need to “tighten our belts” by cutting the budget for services — up to 6% — to protect our surplus. And yet, the state continues to give massive tax breaks and outright subsidies to large corporations.


For instance, Delta Airlines receives about $35M every year as a fuel subsidy, even though Delta posted an approximately $1.5 billion profit for a recent quarter (in a year where they brought in nearly $41 billion in revenue). It doesn’t sound like they need taxpayer support. This situation has occurred across many industries.


At a minimum, our tax dollars should go to meet our needs, not a corporation’s out-of-state (and often out-of-country) shareholders. Shifting needed taxes away from the wealthy and onto the rest of us is unfair.


I will legislate to assure that any “necessary” belt-tightening is funded by reducing corporate subsidies first, not cutting services to our citizens.

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Dave Cooper is a retired member of the United States Army. Use of his military rank, job titles, and photographs in uniform does not imply endorsement by the Department of the Army/Defense.