Georgia’s mountains, beaches and waterways are the envy of many. 


They sooth us as they generate thousands of jobs and tax revenue. But, they are in danger from development, chemical contamination, and weather damage from Global Warming. 


Twenty of the highest recorded world temperatures have occurred in the last twenty-two years. Climate scientists agree that Global Warming is real, human caused, and must be addressed immediately before we experience a total systems failure somewhere in the biosphere. 


All across our nation, including Georgia, we have witnessed a rapidly increasing array of natural disasters driven by Global Warming’s higher atmospheric and oceanic temperatures. The timeframe for making systematic changes before the crisis is irreversible is now being measured from 1 to 3 decades.


Global Average Surface Temperatures are steadily rising. Arctic ice is thinning. Ocean surface temperature are trending up. Coral is dying—over 50% dead in the last 30 years—impacting fish populations, coastal communities, and more. Many species are heading for the poles because of higher temps. Drought is increasing. U.S. wildfire intensity has increased 400% since 1970.


But with all of the media attention focused on the struggle to address Global Warming, people barely notice that under the Republican Administration, the safety rules for our food and water have been rolled back, more untested chemicals are entering our lives, and more species are being decimated— including the pollinators that sustain the fabric of life.


Industries work with tens of thousands of chemicals that have never been fully tested for human and environmental health impacts. Many of them are persistent or accumulate in the food chain. Researchers have found plastics in the bodies of tiny marine animals at the bottom of the deepest part of the ocean— a ubiquitous health risk.


Drinking water systems are aging, providing both a health risk and an economic burden as they must be replaced. And all of the above put the health and happiness of Georgians at risk.


I wrote my Master thesis on sustainable development and have advocated my entire life for the creation of solutions to environmental problems. I want Georgia to become a world leader in sustainable systems, which will create thousands of good-paying jobs and cement Georgia’s place as both Number One for business and innovation, and Number One for quality of life.

I will accelerate Georgia on a path to a sustainable future, a closed-loop system where waste becomes food for other organic processes and Global Warming is reversed. This will include incentivizing the voluntary transition to all-electric vehicles, the shift to carbon-neutral fuels, the use of renewable energy (solar, wind), the elimination of persistent/forever chemicals, the substitution of biodegradable products for fossil fuel-derived plastics, the purification of industrial processes, and the reduction of Georgia’s toxic waste and municipal waste streams.

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