If we don’t have Democracy, we don’t have a country. 


Elections are the bedrock of our Democracy – every vote counts and every vote must be counted.


Because of the US Supreme Court’s decision to remove federal protections for vulnerable voting populations, Georgia’s election laws and election infrastructure are now degraded. This has reduced the number of eligible voters, denied many access to polling sites, and put the accuracy of our elections in grave danger. 


Already, courts have forced Georgia to reinstate 22,000 voters who were denied their fundamental participation rights during the 2018 election cycle. Litigation to restore thousands more continues. Reductions in voting locations, particularly in rural areas, has suppressed voter turn out. The recent $30M purchase of voting machines that can’t be audited is a disaster that must be reversed. We must have paper ballots that allow the voter to verify for themselves that their vote was correctly recorded.


In February 2020, a federal judge ruled against the state as it tried to keep hidden the technique used to mass purge over half a million from the Georgia’s voting rolls, targeting hundreds of thousands of low-income, young and minority voters— all on the basis of false information using the so-called Crosscheck List. 


I will legislate to restore accuracy and confidence to Georgia’s entire voting system by making it a crime against Democracy for anyone to influence an election by violating any part of the voting process, including all forms of voter suppression and intimidation, voter manipulation (for example, sending out false voting day information by print, radio or phone bank), and compromising voting machines or their output, including the use of voting machines and infrastructure that can be hacked.

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