My vision for Georgia is one where our state is #1 for Quality of Life, not just #1 for Business.


Although I am running in the Georgia House of Representatives District 8 (Rabun, Towns, Union and half of White counties), the laws I write, champion and pass affect all Georgians. Below is the path our best Georgia must travel so that every citizen can pursue their dreams.


Our best Georgia has a high standard of living underpinned by affordable health care for all, a livable wage, and fair taxes.


Our best Georgia protects its mountains’ ancient forest landscapes that collect and filter our drinking water, and sustain our tourist industry, by preventing pollution and managing usage.


Our best Georgia shows its compassion by assuring full human rights and dignity for all citizens.


Our best Georgia protects its fragile coastal islands and beaches from rising oceans, tidal surge and increasingly powerful hurricanes by addressing the root cause— Global Warming. To reverse our rising atmospheric and oceanic temperatures, my Georgia rapidly migrates to solar, hydro and wind power, including transitioning personal mobility to electric power.


Our best Georgia has superior public schools and continuing education so that citizens can fully participate in the benefits of freedom and the responsibilities of our Democracy.


Our best Georgia supports the partnership of business, industry and direct citizen action to prevent pollution at its source, and it manages its economic activities with legislation that uses the principles of Sustainability and the Precautionary Principal.


Our best Georgia achieves low crime by addressing the poverty and addiction that drive criminality and criminal desperation— and that means good jobs and expanded mental health care. Its goal is the reduction of incarceration through innovative diversion programs, the full rehabilitation of offenders, and the prevention of miscarriages of justice and unequal treatment under the law.


Our best Georgia supports its agricultural community, small businesses, and clean industry— with fair wages and without exploitation.


Our best Georgia invests in its built landscape — its housing and infrastructure — for safety, aesthetics and good jobs.


Our best Georgia honors and protects all of the Constitution, not selected parts, just as it honors and sustains the veterans that have fought and died to protect our nation.


Our best Georgia government assures all of the above by conducting the peoples’ business with honesty and transparency, and giving full legislative weight to the needs and aspirations of all groups in our society. It is a champion of the Rule of Law, rejects corruption, and runs honest elections.


I believe in an abundant Georgia, a compassionate Georgia, a beacon of leadership in America’s relentless movement towards justice, domestic harmony, and general welfare —a more perfect union.



Dave's Address:

P.O. Box 276, Clayton, GA 30525​

Phone: (706) 490-1099

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Dave Cooper is a retired member of the United States Army. Use of his military rank, job titles, and photographs in uniform does not imply endorsement by the Department of the Army/Defense.